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Welcome to Teach Me Mixology
At Teach Me Mixology, a production of the Art of Mixology Educational Series, our goal is to educate the average consumer on the art of mixing great cocktails. Each student will be provided with a comprehensive, full participation training program that enables an individual to become a skilled and confident bartender. This mixology course features hands on training with top mixologist, Steven Kowalczuk a.k.a. The Cocktail Chef. Along with being a nationally recognized mixologist, Kowalczuk was also a season one contestant on FOX's hit show, MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay and a web cocktail instructor for with over 30 videos to teach you the Art of Mixology in the comfort of your own home.

The Cocktail Chef will demonstrate and explain the step by step process in preparing each cocktail while the guests mix the same drink along with him. We put the bottles in your hands and let you pour the drinks. Get ready to take control of your next cocktail situation. Have fun, make friends, build cocktails. 
Teach Me Mixology ® ~ a production of the art of mixology educational series, Pittsburgh, PA
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